The basis of marriage according to the holy books is Love between man and woman for companionship, Procreation, family integration among others.

Either traditional, religious or court Marriage, there are laid down rules that guide and instruct couples about their rights and privileges as directed by the holy books, traditions, customs and laws of the land.

In some marriages, the rules or laws guiding the institution have often been compromised and the home turned a den for untimely death for some women and men with the increasing spate of domestic violence.

Women who are mostly victims of domestic violence have refused to also speak up because of the ugly culture of silence in toxic marriages and the doctrines against divorce in religious circles as well as procedures involved in divorce cases

This captures the most recent case of a Popular gospel artiste , Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu who died after an alleged case of domestic violence she suffered in the hands of her husband, Peter Nwachukwu.

One way out of this is that women should speak up against Gender based violence in their marriages to save their lives from untimely death or life threatening injuries.

Covering up for Toxic marriages will not stop domestic violence but it will further encourage such ugly trend, making the children in such marriages mentally unstable and depressed.

It is high time media and civil society organization swung into action by educating women on their rights and privileges as stated in the marriage Act and seeking help rather than the mentality of enduring abusive relationship.

Churches, mosques, traditional institutions should restrategise towards preaching mental, emotional and physical safety of men and women in marriages rather than hammering against divorce even where life is being threatened.

On its part, government should make marital laws more effective to make couples aware of the penalty and its
implications when either partner is abused or violated.

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