The society needs to evolve an early warning system to help reduce vices to the barest minimum.


A public affairs commentator, Engr Olatunji Light Ariyomo stated this while featuring on a Positive fm issue based cum entertainment programme, THIS FRIDAY WITH EMMANUEL, anchored by Emmanuel Oriowo. 


Engr Ariyomo was reacting to some recent ugly trends among youths in the society especially the Sex tape saga of the chrisland school, Lagos and the get rich quick syndrome popularly called “YAHOO YAHOO” 

Hon Ariyomo in the studio

The Engineer Cum Politician was of the opinion that early warning system would help in alerting the right people such as the parents, heads of schools and security agencies for prompt action.


Ariyomo stated “In the case of the Chrisland girl, I don’t like to blame young people, so I blame the family and the school for creating an ecosystem where a young child could evolve into that, it shouldn’t be, that means there were no checks and balances”


Engr Ariyomo, a former aide to three governors in Ondo state said it was disheartening that the society had become more of individualistic than communist as people were now complacent about vices around them especially the get rich quick syndrome known as ‘yahoo yahoo”.

Engr Ariyomo and the Anchor of the programme, Emmanuel Oriowo

He pointed out that the nation’s film industry, the Nollywood was not helping issue as actors therein keep creating the impression that money ritual was real and enviable hence the increasing cases of ritual killings among youths.


“Nollywood is contradicting Nollywood  because what happened in Nollywood is at variance with what is being projected to the people and when people especially youths watch Television and they watch money ritual film and later meet one babalawo or Alfa or pastor, they ask them to go and get this and that, then ritual killing will start.  You can get rich in this country by leveraging on your contacts, by having the capacity to influence government’s policies” He submitted


Engr Ariyomo charged parents and the society in general to stand against pornography, ritual killing and illegitimate earnings among youths.


Speaking on the state of the nation’s culture and tradition, the public affairs commentator lamented that the citizens had allowed modernisation and hypocrisy to erode all ancient practices which promoted the values of decency, integrity, fairness and transparency in the olden days.


Ariyomo noted “Our culture is been eroded, even by ourselves, we cannot blame anybody for that but ourselves and then our responses to this have to change, there’s a major epidemic before us”

Engr Ariyomo challenged government at all levels to tackle poverty as the current economic situation had made people to be further individualistic.



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