Following a protest embarked upon by students of the polytechnic Ibadan today, the institutions second semester examinations have been suspended pending the time when the crises is resolved.

The public relations officer of the institution, Alhaji Soladoye Adewale stated this while reacting to the student’ protest.

Alhaji Soladoye said significant percentage of the students have neither paid their tuition fees nor completed their registration saying computing their results would be difficult.

“A very high percentage of them are owing tuition fees.

“Exam for full time is expected to start today while part-time students were writing before and we had to suspend the exam to compel them to pay the tuition fee.

“The Institution’s provided a lenient process in payment of their fees which is done twice 60% first and 40% thereafter but many of them have not paid their tuition fee. without payment, it is not possible to complete registration”

“But as it stands now, all examinations has been suspended by the Management.”

Alhaji Soladoye said sufficient grace have been given the students while the students have been told severally to fine tune their registration records in the institution.

Students of the institution shutdown academic activities within the campus on Monday while the institution’s main gate was locked.



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