Sickle cell disorder is a sickness that affects the red blood cells and it is hereditary as it can be passed from parents who have sickle cell to their children.

In this special report, Oluwatosin Ighoteguono takes a look at the experiences of the sufferers and how the condition can be managed to help them live well.

Sickle cell is a disorder in the body system which causes normal round blood cells to become stiff and circle shape, stopping it from carrying enough oxygen round the body.

According to medical experts, Sickle cell causes severe pains which is often referred to as crisis and sufferers are at risk of stroke, bone damage, Organ failure and many more.

More severe are the physical and psychological trauma they face from the society as they attach many reasons to their condition. This is why they are called sickle cell warriors.

Some sickle cell patients who did not want their names mentioned attested to these facts.

Speaking on the need to care for sickle cell patients, A consultant heamatologist, Dr Ahmed Akinsete was of the opinion that stakeholders needed to do more on awareness creation so that people could know much about the disorder and also stop all forms of stigmatisation against carriers.

Another medical expert, Dr Akintunde Akiyugba advised intending couples to know their genotypes so as to reduce cases of sickle cell in the world while parents of sufferers should give them prompt medical attention to prevent complications and also help them achieve their live goals.

A sickle cell advocate, Mrs Doren Collins harped on the need for parents, family members and friends to always give moral support to sickle cell patients through care and words of encouragement to boost their self esteem.

Sickle cell warriors are celebrated every 19th of June to raise awareness on the disorder and also galvanise support for sufferers.

The theme, this year is “Shine the light on sickle cell”


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