Over three hundred medical personnel will be deployed for effective health care services of Nigeian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj.

The head of medical mission of the national Hajj commission in Madina Dr Aminu Mohammed liman stated this while speaking with Radio Nigeria in Madina Saudi Arabia.

He maintained that the number comprised of medical doctors,nurses, pharmacist and environmental health officer’s to ensure proper health care services to Nigerian pilgrims in the holy land.

Dr Aminu Ladan said so far about eighteen thousands Nigerian pilgrims have arrived Madina and out of which one thousand five hundred pilgrims have visited the Nigerian three clinics in different parts of Madina.

The clinic’s are situated at Renand Al masi,Al Zahra and three point Al Amin hotels.

Dr Aminu Ladan said the mission has a very good working relationship with Saudi ministry of health, whereby patients very critical condition that can not be managed by the mission can be transferred to Saudi hospital for treatment Free of charge.

He disclose that so far no Nigerian pilgrim lost his life in Saudi Arabia and that the mission has treated cases of malaria, respiratory track infection, fatigue and those with diabetes,and hypertension

Dr Aminu Ladan therefore advice pilgrims not to patronize unhealthy food vendors, unnecessary movements due to harsh weather conditions and take a lot of water



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