It is no longer news that the Ondo State Government ban on closure of markets ( including Obas market) during Aheregbe festival in Akure is a clear signal of humiliation and denigration not just of Deji’s authority but a jack boot assault on Akure indigenes and its core tradition.


The assault is akin to a dictatorial fiat which even military regime would avoid.


There is no record that their main target (Deji) was ever consulted, neither does the State government possess any evidence that this age long tradition is an obstacle to maintenance of law and order.


The action smacks of a Vendetta for  “hidden political sins'” which has been resulted in government making Akure the dirtiest State capital as it is now a city with the worst maintained internal roads.


It is up to the people to ignore or lawfully protest and seek reversal of this barefaced undemocratic subjugation.


E signed


Chief Sanya Oyinsan


The Bobameye Of Akure Kingdom


P R O Akure Inner Circle, ACDF & league of Akure childhood friends.

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