As the Global Crusade with Kumuyi continued in the ancient city of Ondo, it was the turn of young people across the world to receive divine guidance specially designed to help them grow positively and navigate through the various obstacles of life in order to become masters of their own lives.

The special impact academy programme tagged “The Great Change” took centre stage on Saturday August , 27th , 2022 as thousands of enthusiastic young people from different walks of life gathered at the crusade ground and millions more followed the events across various social media platforms. They were all given access to life changing teachings from Pastor W.F Kumuyi and other successful individuals from various fields.


Ministering to the enthusiastic young people who gathered at the crusade ground and those following online all over the world, Pastor Kumuyi encouraged them to understand that the journey through the gateway into the great change include understanding exactly what they want.

His words “what kind of change are we expecting? What kind of change are you expecting as you come here today? The great change of rags to riches, from rejection to recognition, from regrets to rejoicing, from retardation to restoration, from reproach to respect, from rusting to reign, from retrogression to reactivation. Great change! that is why we are here today for the all mighty God to look at you and turn your life around. There will be a great change. A change from victim to victor, from bitter to better, from conquered to conqueror, from average to achiever, from pardon to purity, purity to power and power to performance.”

Pastor Kumuyi described the great change as attainable for all youths if only they will understand and follow the divine instructions which will successfully lead them through the gateway which leads to the great change they all desire to see to take place.


His words “a great change is available but there is a gateway to that great change. I am going to give you instructions on how you can stand up, get to the gate, get through the gateway and the great change will come into your life.”

Ministering on the divine instructions that lead to the great change, Pastor Kumuyi said “the moment will come in your life that everything and all the people you behold, you will become like them. The time will come when you will stop looking at other people. You will look inward and the lord will tell you that he made you for a special purpose here on earth and that purpose would be fulfilled. So, believe and something better than you have thought about in your life will happen in your life.”


“behold in order to become. No matter what I tell you, if you don’t begin, you will not be able to get there. You have to believe for the better and begin so as to benefit. All the talents, gifts, opportunities, open doors and ideas that you have, you have to begin and then every good thing you hear today will be transfered into your life. When you behold, you will become what God has created you to become.”

Pastor Kumuyi also encouraged young people across the world to believe in God’s ability to change their lives in a great way as doing this will help change their lives in positive ways.


His words “behold Jesus as your mediator. He will change your life. Behold your master as your model. There must be a standard that you are thinking about. The father will always be with you. Behold his mercy for everyone because only by his mercy can we be saved. Behold his majesty because there is nothing difficult or impossible with our God. Behold his marks for your meditation because he is the changer of our lives. Behold his mission. Behold the maker for your breakthrough. There is hope for you.”

“the great change has come. Believe for the better. Believe the gospel. I have come to give you good news. What you tried before and the ceiling brought you down. After this event today, try that thing again. The lid has been taken off. Believe his greatness. Our God is great. He can turn every negative thing into positive in your life. He is so great that he does not find anything impossible. Believe his goodness. The lord is good to all. Believe the gifts he has stored in you. The lord has given you that gift and it will come out. Do not envy another person. Do not try to be a copycat. Look at yourself and see what skill he has given you. Put that to work and you will succeed. Whatever the gift the lord has given you, you will use it to excel. Your gift is as good as any other person’s gift. Believe that his glory is for you. All the resources you need to make a gracious life, God has given unto you. He has called you to Glory. You have to believe that.”


He encouraged young people to begin using their God given talents positively and productively so that they and the entire world can benefit immensely from them.


He said “it is what you do with an idea or vision that puts you on top. You must do something with the vision to be on top. It is what we begin to do that will germinate in our lives and raise us up. It is by beginning that you are going to have benefits. It is when you begin and you look away from the past that progress will begin. Begin with a rebirth, bar and ban the beast. It is not just about money. Break the bondage. Build the bridge that connects you with your future and the sky is your limit. Be the best. You are not competing with another person. Try to be better than who you were in the past. A better husband, wife and professional. This is your time. This day shall be your first day of climbing to your higher ground.”


The occasion was attended by eminent personalities who have attained success in their chosen careers and life as a whole. They were able to provide laudable answers to the questions asked by the youths about how to navigate through various obstacles of life such as attaining academics success, finding suitable careers, having unblemished careers, building successful companies, living good lives among other issues.

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