The attention of the Senior High Chiefs (IWAREFA MEFA) has been drawn to the on-going debate of Government’s alleged pronouncement with respect to the ban or partial ban placed on traditional festival and closure of shops in observance of such festival.

2. We strongly believe that the Government did not ban our festival and will not do such considering the fact that it is an age-long tradition and cultural practices of the people of Akure Kingdom. Of equal note is that that Ahaeregbe/ Onisibi Festival are jointly celebrated in Oba Ile as well as Akure.

3. We wish to assure the good people of Akure Kingdom who had shown their opposition to such move and pronouncement that there is no cause for alarm over this recent development as our traditions and right will not in any way be infringed upon.

4. We wish to state emphatically that we will continue to dialogue with the Government so as to fashion out best ways that would further entrench and strengthen our cultural practice and traditions so as to make it more attractive and in tune with best global practices.

5. Without mincing words, we will not tolerate the irresponsible acts of some unscrupulous elements who might want to take undue advantage of the festival to perpetrate crime. We are aware of the activities of marauding gangs of youths whose activities might have tainted our sacred traditions, we urge the security agents to treat them as criminals and hoodlums which is the class they belong to. The incident where a woman was robbed at her Obaile residence was a condemnable case of daylight robbery as such incident does not represent the true character of an Akure man nor its traditions. Our revered Deji could not have given instructions to anybody to act in Oba Ile as being rumored,
Oba Ile herself being the custodian of this practice.

6. We wish to state without any iota of contradictions that all festivals of Akure Land will be observed as practiced devoid of any form of confrontation or infraction of the law and any individual’s right.

7. We urge the Government to continue to rid the society of criminality and the Akure Community will continue to support the Government in this regard. We know fully well that no responsible Government will want to toy with security of the lives and properties of her people considering the prevailing security challenges across the Country.

8. We wish to sound a note of warning to all disgruntled elements who might want to hide under the celebration of our festivals to cause mayhem to desist forthwith as the long arm of the law will catch up with them and dealt with decisively.

9. We appeal to all Akure indigenes and residents to remain calm, law abiding and avoid taking laws into their hands as the Akure Community will continue to dialogue with the Government on all grey areas.

Akure a gbe a oooo


Senior High Chief Olufemi Olubodun – The Olisa of Akure Kingdom
Senior High Chief (Arch.) Olufemi Bello – The Odopetu of Akure Kingdom
Senior High Chief Segun Adedipe – The Elemo of Akure Kingdom
Senior High Chief Anthony Falowo – The Aro of Akure Kingdom
Senior High Chief Ayo Oluyide – The Ojomu of Akure Kingdom
Senior High Chief Sola Adegbonmire – The Asae of Akure Kingdom

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