Women’s right activists have pledged to continue to advocate and fight for the constitutional rights and privileges of women in Nigeria to enable them utilize their capacity and contribute to national development.

They made the pledge in Abuja at an event organised by women activists to celebrate the Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria and Gender Activist Mrs Ene Obi as she clocks 60 years.

A veteran Journalists, Mrs Moji Makanjuola and a leading Gender activist Mrs. Ene Ede both extolled the impact of the celebrant in the fight against women’s rights and urged other women to continue to demand for their civic and social rights.

“Let’s support the man who will support us. Support the party that supports women as an integral part of development, support the presidential candidate that supports women as partners in progress. Until of course we do that deliberately, we have rules and regulations, the 35 per cent affirmative action for elective position was not honoured so at least, we should be accorded appointive positions.” She said

Similarly, Chief of Staff to Deputy Senate President, Mr Otive Igbuzor described Ene Obi as a wonderful personality and decried the continuous marginalisation of women especially in the political space.

“She is very compassionate person who gives a lot of support to people especially the weak and the vulnerable and she is so committed to a better society. Her proficiency in fighting for justice, equity and fighting for the poor is exemplary”

The Celebrant Mrs Ene Obi, expressed her appreciation for the love and recognition and appealed to Nigerians to stand for the survival of the country through the establishment of equality and inclusion in all aspects of development.

“Women represent about 50 per cent of the population and they cannot push them aside. You have some houses of assembly where there is no woman. It is not only to have inclusion of women but also have people with disability in the helms of affairs in this country. We need to identify diversity and be able to live it,” Obi said.

She further called on national assembly and other stakeholders to understudy the various gender bills and make it right by women as important components of the nation’s political and governance systems.





















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