……….promises all-inclusive open door policy as campaign begins…….

The candidate of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in the forthcoming general elections, Akogun Adetokunbo Modupe has launched his SMART AGENDA as his philosophy if elected into the Senate in 2023.

In his SMART AGENDA, Akogun promises an all inclusive open door-policy, putting the people first, responsive and strategic intervention and exploring the Senate for the interest of the people of the senatorial district.

On his philosophy to his core legislative responsibility, he said, “my bill sponsorship and constituency interventions shall allow for people’s input through town hall meetings and social community hosting.”

He said further, “there shall be no discrimination along party lines, gender, faith, ethnicity and social status. My sphere of coverage shall be the Northern Senatorial district of Ondo State and its people. And of course, I will earnestly
ensure everyone is carried along for
corporate inclusiveness”

His SMART AGENDA has elicited reactions from members of the District.
Speaking, Mr Adewale Toafeek Adewale, a Legislative Consultant said Akogun is “absolutely ready for onward delivery of trailer-load of soul-saving public goods Ondo North Senatorial District”.



Wale Obanigba Esq
Spokesperson, Head of Media and Public Communications, TOKS4SENATE’23

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