The House of Representative has commended Nigerian teachers and teachers all over the world for their sacrifices.
This was sequel to a motion by a member from Plateau state, Mr Dachung Bagos on the Need for the House to recognize Teachers.
Mr Bagos observed that knowing that the day is very important in the life of teachers worldwide, it is important for the house to honour teachers in Nigeria and at the same time give them a standing ovation in recognition of their sacrifices to building the nation.
While supporting the motion, the Minority Leader, Mr Ndudi Elemelu, said that ” Rising from the fact that whatever we are today was as a result of our tutoring from school and giving that today is Teachers Day, it was important to celebrate teachers”
The spokesman of the house Benjamin Kalu and other lawmakers remembered with nostalgia the teachers that molded their personalities.
They called for the appreciation of teachers and urged the federal government to improve the wellbeing of teachers in Nigeria.
The Deputy Speaker in his submission, revealed what the house has done for Nigerian teachers, which includes amendment of the provision for the retirement age of teachers as well as the ongoing engagement to address the ASUU strike.
The Speaker while rulling on the matter, said that the contributions of teachers to societal development can never ever be quantified.
He called for a standing ovation and a round of applause for teachers and a minute of silence for teachers that have passed.
The members chanted “Thank you” in unison to teachers.

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