The popular adage says, “He who has not tasted that which is bitter, will not appreciate that which is sweet. It was a moment of joy for the families of Chief Adeniran Samuel Elebute and Princess Grace Oluwatosin Elebute nee Talabi on Saturday 22nd October, 2022, with their marriage reunion celebrated amidst funfair at the Palace of His Royal Majesty, Oba Ajayi Olusesan Omolagba, the Alasa of Ilasa-Ekiti, in Ekiti East Local Government Area of Ekiti State, after 41 years of separation.

The husband, Chief Adeniran Elebute, who couldn’t hide his feelings while speaking with journalists said the years of their separation were full of series of ups and downs but was elated and thanked God for making him and his wife to overcome their past marital experiences and came together again.

Also, the wife, Princess Oluwatosin Elebute said the day happened to be her happiest day in the world. She appreciated God in song. Noting that patience is rewarding, she explained that it is always good for women to be patient irrespective of the challenges they might be facing, adding that good things will always come out of it for those who could endure.

In her remark, the daughter of the couple, a renowned philanthropist and the only female gubernatorial candidate under the platform of Action Democratic Party (ADP) in Ekiti State, during the last governorship election in the State, Engr. Kemi Elebute-Halle, said the significance of the event was celebrating one’s parents when they are still alive.

Halle, who was overwhelmed with joy and happiness explained that if somebody had told her what was happening, that she would have thought it’s a movie.

“My parents have been separated for over 40 years since I was a baby.. That’s why I said during the last governorship election in Ekiti that I won greatly because if not that I came out to contest, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity of sitting together or talking to each other and seeing that, they needed to come together. The election was a trigger to this. So, I won the election in a big form.

“Iwas not carried along in the first place. I never knew it would happen. I just heard that they were planning to have a reunion and I felt that they should just let me rest having spent several millions of naira on election. But when I come to think of it, I felt that, why don’t I celebrate them now that they are still alive, what significant will it make when they are dead? It will be of no importance and I felt like doing it lavishly for them.

“Both of them got brand new cars from me today. They’re not aware that they’re going to get a gift of car. Each of them will also get nothing less than N15 million naira.. So it’s better they are celebrated when they are still alive for them to witness it”. Said Elebute-Halle.

Speaking on the significance of the event in combating domestic violence in marriages, Erelu Halle, described marriage as coming together of two different imperfect persons, learning daily for a life time.

“The learning process is what we will not want to go through. That’s why we see domestic violence. There are ways we can resolve issues without resorting to violence or getting involved in verbal abuse. If they had been patient for each other, they would have been able to weather the storm and it would have been forty years of wedding anniversary by now”.

Engr. Kemi Elebute-Halle, therefore encouraged couples to learn and understand one another. Talk more when you have issues. Don’t keep it. She advised.

Also commenting, the younger sister of Halle, Mrs Wemimo, said she’s glad and highly excited that the peace has finally come to stay.

According to her, “they have been on and off for so many years but their coming together now means a lot to us and it is teaching us a lot as a couple about our marital life. I want to really commend my sister because she stood in the gap since maturity is not by age. She is always there for everybody.

“She’s here and there even in my marriage and personal life including between mum and dad. She made sure she brought them back together. The lesson I learnt from this is that, no matter what, we should learn to forgive one another. If there is forgiveness among couples, there will always be peace and togetherness”. Said Wemimo.

In his own view, a former Governor of Ekiti State, Engr. Segun Oni, who was also at the event thanked God on behalf of the couple

Citing the instance of his own parents, the former Governor said his mother left his father for 18 good years and that there was no hope of coming together again.

“My mother went back and my father is not known to be somebody you could walk away from and come back. I asked him one day, I said baba, how can you take a woman who walked back and he said, if I have not taken her back, you wouldn’t have become what you are today. So that’s a lesson for us”

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