In line with our mandate to get justice for the unfairly persecuted, we have filed a fundamental right action against the Ondo State government and the Ondo State Security Network Agency, porpularly codenamed AMOTEKUN for firing a gunshot at a commercial motorcyclist, Okada rider, in the leg, in a broad day light at a most popular Araromi junction area of Akure without lawful justification.

The Okadaman, One Mr. Oluwasegun Oluwarotimi, 36year old, who was in the course of his work was brutally shot in the left leg on the 9th day of August, 2021 by agents of Amotekun at Araromi junction in the name of patrolling to secure the state, resulting in the amputation of the leg, is still battling for survival.

This is a violation of his fundamental right to dignity of human person, guaranteed and protected under Sections 34 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999(as amended) and Article 5 of the African Charter on Human and People’s Right (Ratification and Enforcement) Act Cap A9 LFN 2004.

It is also contrary to the provisions of section 5(2) of the Ondo State Security Network Agency and Amotekun Corps Law, 2020 which provides that:

“The Agency shall in the course of carrying out its duties safeguard the human rights of every person as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and other relevant human rights instruments.”

Before we resort to Court action, we have explored all internal mechanism by writing to the governor of the state and the commandant of Amotekun.

There was no response from the governor and I am so sure the governor cannot be happy like I am not and must have been disappointed in the action of the agency birthed on a justifiable ground of concerted outcry on the spate of insecurity in the state, in a bid to secure the state from immigrant marauders, that today some mis-enlisted bad eggs are destroying the social and philosophical foundation and the legacy for the creation of the corps.

The Amotekun on their own replied. They didn’t deny shooting this victim, now our client. But alleged he aided the escape of a wanted kidnap and robbery kingpin, and also alleging he was even a member of the gang. From our private investigation and findings, the shooting took place at broad-day light, not in the night and not in any nook or cranny, but at the most open and public place of Akure, Araromi junction at the popular Oja Oba Akure, when the Okada man dropped a passenger and parked to look for “change”, before Amotekun drove in and started shooting in the name of patrol and securing the state. In their reply, they tried much to discourage us from taking action on behalf of this victim. They tried to gaslight us to a state of self-doubt by emphasising that Mr Oluwasegun Oluwarotimi has sought help from many human rights organisations and lawyers who could not fight for him, that we should not waste our time. This particular gaslighting is what ignited our energy and we have taken up the case and we will fight for justice for till we get it.

What a defence from Amotekun! How on earth could a “criminal” be meeting human right bodies to write to you seeking justice? How could “a criminal” get such effrontery to be looking for his “captor”, to be parading your office again and again after “cutting” his leg, to seek justice? Humans, we are too wicked in this part of the world, to turn a father of two, a fellow citizen, to a disabled overnight and without remorse, then to resort to attempt to tag him “a criminal” in defence!

I am as confused as you member of the public reading this. I believe the court in it’s infinite wisdom won’t be confused.

We have therefore filed an action at the Ondo State High Court for the enforcement of Mr. Oluwarotimi’s fundamental right to this atrocious act of Amotekun, believing the idea behind the statutory creation of Amotekun will stand defeated if we don’t cry out to condemn their officers’ acts when they turn against the citizens they are created to protect.

We believe a just society cannot be built and sustained if there is absence of consistent and persistent resistance to injustice.

We have unfailing confidence in our court that in the fullness of time, the Court will do justice to the case of Mr. Oluwasegun Oluwarotimi!

Tope Temokun
Tope Temokun Chambers.

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