The Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council says henceforth, the Presidential Flag bearer of the party, Mr Peter Obi will not participate in any of the election debate ahead of the 2023 elections.

At news briefing in Abuja, the Director General of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, Dr Doyin Okupe, explained that the debate platform which always provide platform for candidates and electorate interactions has been ridiculed by othe presidential candidates who always failed to appear in such platform.

Dr Okupe said presidential candidates of some political parties were for taking Nigerians for granted by always sending representatives to event where their presence was needed.

He said Nigerians are more interested in interacting with the presidential candidates whom they believed will determine the fate of the country when elected.

Dr Okupe stressed that any presidential candidate who refuses to appear at such presidential debates has assumed the position of emperor and not responsible politician who is willing to serve and listen to the people.


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