Diabetes is a life-threatening disease but can be managed very well through proper treatment and control according to medical reports

Proper Management, training and education however play vital roles in the treatment of diabetes

Our Correspondent takes a look at awareness, treatment, risk factors and complications arising from the disease.

World diabetes day was established in 1991 by the international diabetes federation and the world health organization to raise awareness on checking the rising spate of the diseases globally.

According to medical reports , Diabetes is a disease characterized by elevated level of blood glucose or sugar leading to damage to the heart, kidney and other major organs in the body.

It Occurs when the body becomes resistance to insulin and does not make enough.

Records show that five hundred and thirty seven million people are currently living with diabetes all over the world and by 2045 , there are projections that this figure may rise to about seven hundred and eighty three Millon people globally .

Two medical practitioners in Akure the Ondo state capital , Dr Aderonke Fagbemi and Dr Olumuyiwa Pelemo said that unfortunately many did not know they had diabetes unless they go for check-up

Two residents of Akure, the state capital Mrs Dunsi Akomolafe and Mrs Folake Durojaye advised on eating healthy foods to keep away from Diabetes.

Also a consultant with Ondo state Neuro- pychiactric hospital, Dr Akinwumi Akinnuoye pointed out that poorly managed diabetes could negatively affect the brain .

This year’s World diabetes day is with the theme “Education to protect Tomorrow “


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