Senator Ademola Adeleke has been sworn in as the sixth elected governor of Osun state.

He took the oath of office alongside his deputy, Prince Kola Adewusi administered on them by the state chief Judge, Adepele Ojo.

In his inaugural speech, The new governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke announced the freezing of all state accounts.

He also announced the reversal of the state appealation to Osun state instead of “The state of Osun”.

Governor Adeleke ordered that all state insignia should now reflect “state of the living spring” instead of “state of the virtue” as this is in line with the recognition of the state by the Nigerian constitution.

The governor who promised to protect the interests of the Osun state people also promised to set up panels to review every appointment and actions taken by his predecessor, Mr Adegboyega Oyetola between July 16 and his last day in office.

He promised to ensure a turn around of the state’s economy in the health, education, agriculture, security and economy

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