All is now set to receive PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Abubakar Atiku to Akure as it is the first PDP presidential rally in the Western Nigeria

The entrances of democracy Park, the venue of Peoples Democratic party PDP presidential campaign rally are manned by security men in order to ward off any unforeseen circumstance.


The people were thoroughly checked to remove any dangerous weapon that might be smuggled in by nefarious criminals.

Those vying for different offices in both State and National levels through the Party announced their presence with their supporters by dancing round the venue.

Some Nigerians used the occasion judiciously to partake in brisk businesses to sell PDP branded materials in all sorts

The presidential campaign rally is being graciously attended by party members from the eighteenth local government areas of the state and other members from the country.

Among the dignitaries is the new deputy governor of Osun state Mr Kola Adewusi.


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