The Presidential Candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo has pledged to invest massively in the housing sector to better the lots of the Nigerians.

He stated this in an interactive session with Radio Nigeria in Ogbomoso, Oyo state.

Prince Adebayo expressed worry that Nigerians were not living in good condition and that was taking a toll on their health and their level of performance.

,”We have to invest massively in housing, we need to continue from where Shagari stopped by building One hundred thousand housing unit in all states per year. We have to do it.I went round Ogbomoso walking on my feet for about eight hours, how many of the houses are liveable? These are houses of 1930s without water and basic hygiene ,look at the vast land in Oke Ogun,so why don’t we build One hundred thousand housing units” He said.

On what he would bring on board,if he emerges president come 2023, Prince Adebayo said he would run a problem solving government .

” I am coming to serve the people.We just want to run a government that solves problems and solve them on a sustainable basis.The sign post of civilization is that there are some problems that are recurring,we deal with them all the time but there are some problems we can kick out permanently.

So,in Nigeria poverty and insecurity are the ones we should kick out permanently.There are many countries of the world that have done that and once you do that ,the sky is the beginning and that is why I am running for the presidency.

The whole essence of me is to be able to say farewell to poverty and insecurity.MKO Abiola thought of it about thirty years ago, and he wasn’t well understood then but I believe people understood him to the extent of voting for him but, that mandate could not be implemented and in the end, poverty is worse , insecurity is worse.

Go and look at any country that is thriving,you would notice that there is no poverty there.

On our own, we will invest in Agriculture , housing and fix the price of essential commodities .

We must be able to get our people productive and we put investment in infrastructure “Prince Adebayo added

The SDP presidential flag bearer also cautioned youths who were on “Japa” move to always look before they leap

He said there was nothing bad in migration but condemned desperation propelled migration.




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