President Muhammadu Buhari has described Pope Benedict XVI as a man greatly admired globally for his selfless leadership.

While paying tribute to the Pope Benedict, President Buhari says he was a renown theologian, who dedicated much to advance inter-faith dialogue and peace.

President Buhari believes that the late Pontiff will be remembered as a true servant of God, who used the benevolent gifts of the Almighty upon his life to serve the Church and humanity in humility, reverence and piety, living in word and deed the virtues of a true Christian disciple.

The President prays that the Pope Emeritus receives eternal embrace in the loving arms of the Lord, whom he served faithfully throughout his vocation.

The Christian Association of Nigeria CAN has joined Global Christian Community to mourn the demise of Emeritus Catholic Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI.


……Pope Benedict as a great theologian…. CAN

In a Statement ,The CAN President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh describes late Pope Benedict as a great theologian whose life epitomised the balance of faith, reason and works in ways that positively influenced both Catholics and non-Catholics across the world.


The CAN says the Pope Benedict XVI who spent his days at the service of the Church, spoke to the hearts and minds of men with the spiritual, cultural and intellectual depth for development of humanity.


“It will be difficult to fill the shoes of untiring efforts to find a common path in promoting peace and goodwill throughout the world which Pope Benedict XVI left behind, but the Christian Association of Nigeria prays that God Almighty will continue to raise theologians like the late Pontiff who are committed to the defence of Christian faith”. CAN President explained.


Archbishop Okoh extends CAN extends condolences to relatives, the Vatican, the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria and the faithful in Nigeria and the rest of the world over this great loss.



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