by Laurel Ojo

The plight of senior citizens in Nigeria has been a concern begging for Attention.

Correspondent Examines the plights of the elderly bothering on their health and general wellbeing .

Though Old age is a desire of every human being , there are challenges that come with it especially that of
changes in body composition throwing up series of health concerns as well changes in mind frame

In advanced countries , there are policies made to make senior citizens have access to basic necessities and live the rest of their lives meaningfully even without a family .

But in an African society of which Nigerian is one , family bonding is an integral part of the family system so senior citizens live around family members and loved ones .

But sometimes ,for one reason or the other ,or at one time or the other , the relatives may not just be there to look after the old people.

One of the serious problems the elderly confront is poverty which make them vulnerable owing to lack of adequate care , another is poor pension remuneration and delay or non payment of their pensions and Gratuities.

It is noted that companionship and love prolong the lives of the old people but when it is lacking , it becomes a serious challenge.

Speaking on this , Dr Amos Omoresemi mentioned that government should explore a workable plans that would make senior citizens happier and socially active to contribute their wealth of experience to the growth and development of the nation .

Pa John Adeniyi ,Pa korede Duyile ,Mrs Yetunde ibitola are senior citizens in Akure the Ondo state capital , they shared their experiences with Radio Nigeria

They also advocated a society that makes life comfortable for its senior citizens with emphasis on action to check Violence against the elderly in the country .

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