Popular actor,and a Nollywood star Kunle Afod, has expressed gratitude to God Almighty over an auto accident that left at least two severely burnt.

The actor on his Instagram page on Monday had initially shared a cryptic post which left many wondering what the problem was.

He said, “It’s too early to start experiencing such. God why??”

His fans and colleagues had proceeded to ask what the message was for since it signified a terrible thing had occurred.

The actor later shared a video of a burnt bus used to convey his crew to locations.

In the video, the disturbed actor was seen going round the bus, showing how badly the driver seat and other places were burnt beyond recognition.

He also stated that the driver and an older man didn’t escape the fire as they were severely burnt.

Afod wrote, “Earlier today, a disaster tend to happen as my bus got burnt, the driver was brutally burnt by fire and also an older man who intend to render assistance was equally burnt but special thanks to God Almighty that no life was claimed.”



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