The petrol while being shared into kegs

The House of Representatives has mandated relevant security agencies to fish out oil marketers and other economic saboteurs responsible for the fuel scarcity across the country.

This was sequel to a motion of urgent public importance, by a from kogi state Leke Abejide, on the Need for the NNPCL and other regulators in the petroleum industry to end the fuel scarcity across the country.

leading the debate, Mr Abejide, expressed concern over the impacts of fuel scarcity on the socio-economic activities and well-being of Nigerians across the country.

The lawmaker noted that the scarcity is associated with saboteurs among some of the key stakeholders who deliberately manipulated the system.

The scarcity, according to him is exposing Nigerians to all sorts of hardship which has resulted in a hike in transportation fares and high cost of major food items.

Adopting the motion, the House urged the NNPC Limited as a sole importer to urgently ease off the queues in Filling Stations.

It Mandated the relevant House Committees to investigate the matter within 48 hours and report to the House.

The lower chamber also invited the relevant regulatory authority Mainstream and Downstream Petroleum Resources to appear before the Leadership of the House of Representatives on Thursday by 2pm.


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