The State Chairman,

Peoples Democratic Party

Ondo State.





I would like to use this medium to inform you of my personal decision to exit partisan politics and devote my time and energy to the promotion of good governance without alignment to any political party. This decision, which has been arrived at after several months of self appraisal, is in reflection of my inner desires to remain true to the goals and objectives I have set for myself.


The journey of the last 6 years years as a member of our party the PDP, has afforded me the required opportunities to learn, develop and grow my skills in the area of public communication and governance. I must thank the leadership of the PDP, in particular Akogun Adetokunbo Modupe and Hon Clement Faboyede, both of whom served as my source of entry into the party for the opportunity to serve in this party as well as I have.


I would like to put it on record that my decision to leave the PDP and remain non-aligned with any political party, is not due to any inconsideracy or disappointment with the party, but a personal decision in line with my new goals and aspirations.


I remain grateful to have worked with the leadership of the party and to have had the opportunities I was given. It is my conclusion that I would be of more benefit to our country and people without partisan alignment.


Let me thank you our dear Chairman for your effort at uniting the party and wish you well in your future endeavors.


Thank you and GOD bless.




(1) The State Secretary


(2) The Local Government Chairman, Akure South


Zadok Akintoye

Former Director of Media and Publicity, PDP ONDO STATE.

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