A group of physically challenged individuals in Iwo, Ayedire, and Olaoluwa Local Governments in Osun State have expressed their delight at the election of Alhaji Lukman Kayode Mudashir (L&K) as a Member of House of Representatives.

The group made their feelings known during a visit to the MHR-Elect in his country home.

The physically challenged individuals, who had come together to form a support group, were elated at the prospect of having a representative who would take their needs and concerns to the National Assembly.

They prayed for a successful tenure for L&K and urged him never to renege on his various electoral promises.

Responding to their prayers and kind words, L&K thanked the group and promised to bring equity and fairness to the forefront as he delivers on his campaign promises.

He emphasized that everyone would be treated equally and that people with disabilities would be given special attention.

The group expressed their gratitude and pledged their support to L&K throughout his tenure.


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