The Akure South chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has received and described the news of some elements leaving the party as good riddance to bad rubbish, calling on members to remain calm as their purported defection from our party is long expected and nothing to worry about.


With their exit from the party, the search for peace, unity and harmony has ended.


It should be on note that our party’s performance in the last concluded elections was not as a result of Tinubu’s factor really but crises of disunity, bitterness and acrimony facing the party which was championed by their ring leader whose style and attitude promote division, distraction and disaffection.


This ringleader met a well structured, strong, united, focused and peaceful party when he joined us barely two years ago, shortly after the demise of Hon. Adedayo Omolafe Popularly known as ‘Expensive’; precisely in October 2021, but failed to maximize love , fame, fortune and promotions he got in the party which he rather use to polarise, divide and adversely reduce the party’s winning chances in Akure and its environs.


Of note is that , against all odds, within three(3) months that he joined PDP, he was made the candidate in last year’s by-election into Akure North / South House of Representatives to fill the vacant position occasioned by the sudden death of Hon Adedayo Omolafe , an election he would have won without stress and on a platter of gold, but lost to opponent as a result of ego, overconfidence and unwillingness to carry everybody along.


Since his defeat in the Bye-election, the party had been plugged into unending and needless crises with him alleging that some individuals within the party worked against his candidature and every effort made by some notable persons to pacify him in order to restore normalcy to the party and have a cohesive and united front ahead of the just concluded general elections proved abortive. Sadly, those who were supposed to call him to order and check his excesses were seen hailing him for being diametrically opposed to party’s actions, decisions and activities.


This is someone that got promoted beyond his capability and capacity at the expense of those who have committed resources and energy to bring the party to limelight, first as candidate during the last year’s bye-Election and member Ondo State presidential campaign council PCC. Unfortunately, those instrumental to his speedy political elevation without minding his years and experiences in the party and politics are now at war of interest and at the same time regretting their actions.


In all sincerity, why should PDP be bothered or disturbed about the defection of people who their political history, activities and antecedents remain questionable and fishy. As it stands now, all structures of our party right from Ward and Local Government Executives to the leadership remains intact, except for some characters/Judas who sold their future, birthright for a pot of porridge.


Obviously , they won’t be missed in anyway, as their continuous stay might cause further damage to the party knowing fully well that no amount of rain would make the leopard change its skin. However, our party can only wish him and his co-travellers well in their next political sojourn.


It is therefore important to alert our teeming members, critical stakeholders and leaders across the local government to remain calm, united and focused as the party would ensure that the leaving of the gang court of jesters does not in any way affect the fortunes of our party at any level.




S A Ogedengbe

Secretary, PDP Akure South Local Government.

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