The Daura Emirate Council has held a special durbar to honour former President Muhammadu Buhari, who returned home shortly after the inauguration of his successor, President Bola Tinubu.

The durbar is the 2nd in the contemporary history of the Emirate, the 1st was when the former President became Head of State over 3 decades ago.

To further show appreciation to him for being a good ambassador of Daura, courtiers of the Emirate Council, dressed according to their titles, mounted decorated horses, while drummers and trumpeters followed up with the blend of instrumentals matching the occasion, held a grand durbar to honour, and demonstrate their admiration for him.

During the durbar, The Emir of Daura, Alhaji Faruk Umar, wielded and unsheathed the sword of Bayajida to traditionally welcome the former President back home.

Heads of contingents who, historically, were military commanders, rode in batches with their riders, comprising the infantry, archers, and other units of the army, to greet the Emir, the former President, and dignitaries.

Despite the scotching heat of the blazing sun, the unprecedented size of the crowd defied the weather condition, making movement to the venue of the durbar extremely difficult.

The durbar was preceded by the launch of a compendium of his life and times in government.


Some members of his cabinet, the National Chairman and members of the executive council of the APC, governors, and other prominent politicians attended the durbar

At a dinner afterwards, the Chief of Staff to President Buhari, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Governor Raɗa of Katsina State, referred to the former President as a teacher, from him they had learned immense knowledge.

The former President PMB expressed gratitude to Allah for guiding him against misdeeds, keeping him safe, and protecting his integrity throughout his days in government.

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