Residents of Oke Ala / Aremo quarters , High School area in Akure the Ondo State capital are now having a hectic time controlling flood which took over their streets due to continuous rains.

The flood reportedly came from River Ala which overflew its banks .

Speaking with Positive FM, one of the residents, Elder Ayo Oni pointed out that residents had many times approached government agencies on the need to channel the river as the edges had overgrown with plants and taken over by debris.

He alleged that even while they were prepared to make payment for the amphibian equipment used for such work , the agency in charge refused to attend to them.

Another resident, Mr Richard Adeola appealed to the state government to quickly come to their aide before the worst scenario happens.

Positive FM observed that buildings in the area were taken over by water while residents made effort to salvage their property.

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