The Police in Calabar have arrested twin sisters for allegedly butchering their elder brother to death with machetes, for selling their late father’s land and refusing to share the proceeds with them.


The twin, identified as Ikwo Effiong and Idak Effiong, allegedly took the life of their elder brother, Kokoette Effiong, for selling their father’s land, located at Ikot Nakanda, in the Akpabuyo Local Government headquarters, and refusing to give them their share of the money.

It was gathered that the young ladies lured their elder brother out of the house to a lonely path before descending on him with machetes.

“He sold their father’s land at Ikot Nakanda and decided to keep all the proceeds without giving part of the money to other family members and this angered the twins, who decided to attack him with knives,” a family source, who gave his name as Otop Idebe, said.

He said the twins claimed that their elder brother had earlier sold a part of the land for a huge sum and did not give them anything from it and the second sale without sharing the money with them was too much for them to bear and so, had to make him pay with his life.

Otop Idebe, who happens to be Kokoette’s cousin, narrated that the girls first appealed to their elder brother to share the money with them and when he refused, the girls enticed him out of the house and attacked him causing severe cuts on his head and arms leaving him to bleed to death.

Ms Irene Ugbo, the Cross River Police Command public Relations Officer , said the twin sisters have been taken into custody.


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