As part of the mandates of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in Disaster management as enshrined in the ACT 2003 that established the Corps which states that; the Corps should provide necessary warnings for civilians population in times of danger, Evacuate the civilian population from danger areas, detect and demarcate any danger area amongst many others, the state Commandant, Olatundun Olayinka was at Aiyede Ogbese in Akure North LGA to assess the impact of the recent heavy downpours.


The Ogbese River, which flows from Ekiti State through Ita Ogbolu and passes through Ogbese, has overflowed its bank and course, thereby causing havoc at its wake.

The recent down pour witnessed in the state had increased the water level of the river, which has made it submerged most part of the areas within its course.

A visit to Kinyo area of Aiyede Ogbese where schools, residential and small scale businesses were located was seen to be taken over by flood.

According to Mr Adebisi, a resident of the area who said the flood has destroyed property worth of millions of naira and they are appealing to the government to come to their aid.

At Odo Ori Okuta where an upcoming entrepreneur in piggery, cucumber, and tomatoes lost his investment to the flooding, shared his harrowing experience as he lamented his losses.

Agunla road which is the only access road to the community with their farmland has been taken over by flood and the community seems cut off from their means of livelihood and urgently requires the intervention of the State government.



Mr Ifeanyi who attributed the flood to the shallow nature of Ogbese river attested to it that in time past, the river used to be very deep but now the depth has been covered with sand and government has to dredge the river.



A visit to Aiyede Ogbese revealed that the people might likely have a pandemic steering them in the face if urgent and deliberate steps are not taken. Well water and pit toilets are flooded, buildings weakened from days of being in water, residents displaced and businesses premises vacated.



There is a need for government intervention in the town. There is an urgent need for proper sensitization of the community on how to treat the water they drink. There is a need to encourage the people who building are affected to vacate the building to a more safer place. The community should be counselled on the need to avoid building on flood plains. The government needs to solicit assistance from the federal government to desilting the river channel through proper dredging.
The schools affected could be assisted to ensure pupils don’t miss their studies.

DSC Daniel Aidamenbor
Public Relations Officer
NSCDC Ondo Command
27th June, 2023

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