Prices of commodities in the market have gone up as Muslims prepare for the sallah .

A big basket of tomatoes is sold for between 53,000 naira and 55,000 naira depending on sizes, a crate of tomatoes also goes for between 30,000 naira and 25,000 naira.

A solo bag of pepper rodo goes for 18,000 naira as against 9,000 naira while a solo bag of tatase is 31,000 naira as against 14,000 naira with sold for 50,000 naira as against 35,000 naira.

Prices of other commodities like fish, rice, condiment, groundnut oil vegetables however remained the same .

A buyer Mr Kazeem Adeyemi who complained bitterly about the prices said he would only go for what he could afford.


A tomatoes trader, Alhaji Jibril Mohammed attributed the high cost of the commodity to weather condition under which tomato yields.

Another trader, Mrs Ayo Akinwale appealed to government to find lasting solution to the problem of inflation amidst speculation of border reopening.


……Ram Markets Became a Beehive of Activities……

Muslims in Akure the Ondo State capital have being thronging different ram markers in the city to purchase ram for  sallah celebration.


Killing of Ram is significant to the celebration of Eid -el Kabir in the Muslim Religion.


A visit to Orisunbare ram market at Ilesha motor park reports that on approaching the market, the traders swarmed around potential buyers trying to convince them for patronage.

The market was also busy as buyers and traders negotiated prices.


One of the buyers, Mr Adebisi Lukman said the price was higher than last year.


Explaining this, a trader, Mr Tunde Abdulrauf pointed out that that patronage was low while the market deputy chairman , Mr Waheed Owolabi blamed exchange rate and high cost of transportation for the high price of the rams .

The prices of rams in the market ranged between 450,000 naira and 190,000 naira depending on sizes.




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