A Vehicle Inspection Officer, VIO, Adewale Ojo has been hospitalized after he was on Monday crushed by a hit and run vehicle.

Adewale Ojo was hit by the vehicle while on duty at Ayegbaju area of Ekiti.

Narrating his ordeal, Ojo said: I was standing on the bumps on the road in Ayegbaju, with my senior colleagues, the driver with Kwara number plate was coming from Ifaki axis.

Immediately he saw us on the road he multiplied his speed and my colleagues who had noticed him fled but before I could notice hat happened, he already hit me.

“I couldn’t pick his number or face and neither could any of my colleagues identify him, I woke up with bruises and injuries all over my body in an hospital.

“I was rushed to General Hospital for immediate attention, I feel very weak and I am in pain right now.

“I had no intention to dare him, It happened so suddenly than I can imagined.

Ojo and his colleagues sough for assistance to enable him get better and comprehensive treatment as he could barely walk

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