A 22-year-old lady, simply identity as Mika Shabasova, has died after undergoing butt enlargement surgery by an ‘unqualified’ beautician in Russia.

According to Daily Mail report on Friday, Mika died ‘within ten minutes’ of being given anaesthetic by the beautician.

She was dead before an ambulance arrived at the ‘home surgery’ of cosmetologist Uma M, who is now under house arrest.

Police are currently probing the sudden death of a woman who died during surgery by the beautician who was her ‘friend’. German Man Dies After Failed Penis Enlargement Attempt

According to the report, the beautician offered the £154 procedure after she studied on a ‘two-week course’.

Uma M told state investigators in Makhachkala that she had repeatedly anaesthetised the skin of the victim with lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, and asked her if she had any allergies.

The beautician who is described as a former waitress had no license for cosmetic and butt enlargement surgery, yet was carrying out ‘lip, cheek and butt enlargements’.

The Russian Investigative Committee said, “A 22-year-old resident of Makhachkala while visiting her friend, who performs cosmetic procedures at home, died on the spot after the administration of an anaesthetic.

“Currently, all the circumstances of the incident are being established.”

Mika’s friend said he had urged her not to undergo the butt enlargement surgery procedure, which the Uma M had advertised.

“The beautician who was supposed to perform the operation only recently received a certificate.

“She completed a two-week course and became a cosmetologist. Prior to that, she was doing lash extensions,” he said




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