The legislature is one of the most important arms of government in organising society and protecting citizens.

It represents a permanent and independent link between the populace and the government

It is saddled with the responsibility of making laws for good governance and carrying out oversight functions on government agencies to ensure smooth running of government for the benefit of the people.

In a democracy, power rests the most on the legislative arm of government because it represents the voice of the people and is the check for the executive.

In Ondo State , the 10th assembly inaugurated on the 2nd of June comprises 26 members of which 4 were reelected and 22 are new members.

The 22 members which forms the majority caucus are from the APC while the remaining four in the minority are from the PDP.

A second-term Olamide Oladiji from Ondo East Constituency was elected the Speaker while
Abayomi Akinruntan from Ilaje State Constituency -1 , a third-term Lawmaker emerged the Deputy Speaker .

The outgone 9th assembly despite passing over 60 bills was dubbed a rubber stamp in some quarters which believed the lawmakers only danced to the whims and caprices of the executive.

So , this 10th assembly has the responsibility to build on whatever achievements of the 9th assembly but more importantly asserts itself as independent arm and voice of the people.

There are fears however that non implementation of financial autonomy for the legislature resulting in its continued dependence on the executive may hamper its capacity to deliver.

Another area of concern is the fact that 22 of the 26 lawmakers are newbies to the process of law making which also cast a doubt on their abilities to hit the ground running.

At present , the integrity of the house is now being put to test as it relates with the executive under an acting governor in the absence of the governor due to illhealth.

As it is , the parliament is expected to perform its roles in stabilising the state and prevent it from being hijacked by political jobbers and cabals who would want to leverage on the situation.#

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