Nollywood veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo, has cautioned filmmakers over misleading pictures of  dressing and makeup in movies.

Kanayo, in a video on his Instagram page during the week, said that most times filmmakers  do not align with movie costumes.

Captioning the video, he wrote; “Many Nollywood Producers paint the wrong picture of dressing/Makeup in the movies, all in the name of fine picture, It’s misleading.The reality is that many practitioners have not realised that filmmaking is part of agenda setting in national development especially the culture and tradition of the people.

“The rich most times dress casually. Many are known by their expensive wrist watches, footwear, Tshirt and not Agbada.

“How can a man be resting in his house, lying on the Sofa fully dressed? How can a woman be adorned with full makeup while cooking? Most of the ladies sleep with their wigs on, with applied full facial foundation. Ahhhhhhh. Dear colleagues, let’s watch it.”

According to the actor, it is important to be realistic in images created by filmmakers.

He added that part of his PhD dissertation was about, “The role of Nollywood in shaping and sustaining a Nigerian culture identity”.

He said by doing so, the industry would  become more credible and then acquire a more formidable character with which it cannot be ignored in the national and international agenda.

“This is what the music industry has done with Afrobeat. Now, they are all getting paid like they hit a jackpot. Nollywood can do better than them,” he added.


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