The Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s administration is designing a 30-year development plan which successive administrations are expected to implement for a new, productive and prosperous Ondo state.


The government is therefore soliciting the contributions of all citizens to the plan which is aimed at chatting a new path of growth for the state.


At a media parley to announce government’s preparation for the plan in Akure, The commissioner for economic planning and budget, Mr Emmanuel Igbasan said the project tagged ONDO 2054 was being proposed on four pillars of prosperous economy, human capital development, Administration, environment and infrastructure.


Mr Igbasan explained that the long term development agenda was in compliance with the provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility Law 2017 to chat a new path that would not only address present day challenges, but provide the highway for accelerated growth in Ondo state for the next thirty years.

A cross section of people at the Media parley

“As a people, we must define a clear path for our progress. For anyone or nation to experience progress and development, there must be a clear, strategic and sustainable trajectory, which provides the compass that will guide and direct efforts and resources. The future we all desire, depends on the vision we have, strength of the foundation we lay, and the efforts we make today” He said


He noted that already, a needs assessment had been conducted across the eighteen Local government areas to highlight core areas that needed to be developed for economic prosperity of both the state and its people.


“Ondo State which is ranked the 7th biggest economy in Nigeria, possesses a tremendous potential to be the giant of Nigeria, as the highest producer of cocoa, largest deposit of bitumen, equally has vast arable and fertile land with various vegetation ranging from the savannah at the northern part, to the rain forest at the central part, which is suitable for all arable and cash crops, and bounded by the ocean with the longest coastline, deepest natural draft for deep Sea Port, suitable for Africa’s maritime hub.

The State is blessed with abundant mineral resources, such as gold, oil and gas, granite silica sand, ceramics etc., but most essentially it is populated with about six million intelligent, honest and industrious people. We are naturally positioned as the pride of the Nigerian State and the elegant bride of Africa”

“We therefore call on all and sundry to join hand with us as we collectively decide on the best way to harmonize our development strides, direct our focus and concentrate our efforts now and in the future to achieve our desire for a great Ondo State.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us for a moment, imagine a state with Port Ondo City in llaje, providing agro-logistics, bitumen, oil and as gas maritime hub with tourists all over the world trooping to the beautiful beach of Araromi Sea-side. Let us imagine the Industrial City of Ore with sprawling international companies and its architectural beauty.

Take a breath and imagine a clean state capital of Akure city with skyscrapers, headquarters of multinational organisations, and let us imagine the gateway to the national seat of power, Akoko area, with the beautiful hills booming with trade and enterprise. Have a mind picture of a healthy, happy and prosperous people of Ondo nation!

Imagine beautiful automobiles, majestically driving through traffic-free, well-marked eight or ten-lane road infrastructure running through the length and breadth of our land! It is possible and together we can achieve it! It begins with me. It begins with you” The commissioner submitted

Mr Igbasan therefore called on residents of Ondo State to make necessary contributions to the drawing of the development plan, which would put the abundant human and natural resources of the state into optimum use for the good of all.


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