It has come to the attention of the Ondo State Government that unsigned and unconfirmed lists of the new Local Councils Development Areas (LCDAs) and their headquarters is currently in circulation on the social media and other online platforms.

To avoid confusion and misinformation on the creation of LCDA(s), Members of the public are advised to disregard this unofficial list of LCDA(s). This list was not released officially by the Ondo State Government.

The Government wishes to inform the general public that Creation of LCDA(s) is strictly a constitutional process. List of Local Council Development Areas can only be properly ascertained from Ondo State Government official Gazette duly issued after passage of the enabling Law by Ondo state House of Assembly and the law is assented to by the Governor of the State

Also the communities in each of the created LCDA will be published in the white Paper to be issued by the Government in respect of the recommendations of the Committee set up on the Creation of LCDA(S).

Members of the public are therefore advised to await these official legal documents to be issued by the Ondo state Government in order to get the correct position of Government on the creation of Local Government Council Development Areas in Ondo State.

The process to put in place the LCDA(s) and release the relevant Government instruments is ongoing and very soon Government will make it public.



Sir Charles Titiloye ksm FCarb,
Hon. Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Ondo State.
1st August, 2023

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