The House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee probing employment racketeering in agencies of the Federal Government has resolved to issue a warrant of arrest on the IPPIS desk officer of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON) Mr Haruna Kolo.


Kolo, an ex-desk officer of the Federal Character Commission, FCC had appeared before the Committee on Monday, where he admitted to collecting money for employment on behalf of the FCC Chairman Mrs Muheeba Dankaka.


He has however failed to honour the invitation of the Committee to appear in subsequent hearings on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Similarly, AMCON failed to turn up for the probe despite invitations to them.


As the hearing resumed on Thursday, the Committee Chairman, Mr Yusuf Gagdi, said a warrant of arrest would be issued against Kolo and be brought up before the committee by security agencies.


The Committee Chairman also frowned at other government agencies for avoiding the probe, despite being invited.


He said there would be sanctions henceforth, for any agency that fails to honour the invitation of the committee.


“For Haruna Kolo, the position of this committee is that he would lose his freedom. We will issue a warrant of arrest in respect of Haruna Kolo and compel security agencies to present him before this committee at any given period if he is so arrested. So this committee would communicate officially to the various security agencies and to AMCON in addition to communication that we have sent to them yesterday for Haruna Kolo to be presented here unfailingly by either the security agencies or by AMCON themselves. And the committee to approve that warrant of arrest would be issued in respect of Haruna Kolo.”


“We have made our position very clear and we have resolved to further communicate through newspaper communications today and tomorrow for these agencies to make sure they have cause appearance before this committee. And we are going to make our position very public in various dailies and televisions stations beginning from tomorrow giving agencies the last warning that they should appear before this committee on Monday unfailingly from Monday to Friday. All our witnesses that we have equally asked them to be here are going to appear before us on Monday and Tuesday in continuation to this hearing.


The hearing was adjourned abruptly till Monday 14th of August, as government agencies expected failed to show up.





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