Two Nigerian Men have been Extradited to the United States after Being Indicted for International Sexual Extortion Ring.


A statement by the United States department of justice indicates that the Defendants were Previously Indicted for Causing Death of Marquette Teen.


U.S. Attorney, Mark Totten for the Western District of Michigan announced that Samuel Ogoshi, 22, and Samson Ogoshi, 20, both of Lagos, Nigeria, have been extradited to the United States from Nigeria to face prosecution after being indicted for sexually extorting numerous young men and teenage boys in the Western District of Michigan and across the United States.


It says Samuel Ogoshi was also charged with causing the death of 17-year-old Jordan DeMay, of Marquette, Michigan, who was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in March 2022.


“Totten said Sextortion is a horrible crime and to those who commit these crimes, we will pursue you around the world. And to those who are victims: please know we stand ready to help you,”.


The statement explains that the defendants are expected to make their initial appearance at the federal courthouse in Grand Rapids at a time to be determined by the court.


Nigerian authorities arrested Samuel and Samson Ogoshi in Nigeria in January at the request of the United States. Nigerian prosecutors managed the extradition proceedings on behalf of the United States.


In May, Samuel Ogoshi and Samson Ogoshi were charged in a four-count indictment: Count 1 charges Samuel Ogoshi with sexual exploitation and attempted sexual Exploitation of a minor resulting in death. The charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison and a statutory mandatory minimum of 30 years in prison.


Count 2 charges both men with conspiracy to sexually exploit minors by causing the minors to produce child pornographic images that the defendants then used to blackmail the minors.


The charge carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison and a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison.


Count 3 charges both men with conspiracy to distribute child pornography for sending the child pornography images to the minors, as well as their families and friends. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a mandatory minimum penalty of five years in prison.


Count 4 charges both men with conspiracy to commit stalking through the internet for engaging in this sextortion scheme as it relates to both minors and young adults. The charge has a maximum penalty of five years in prison. All charges have provisions for fines, restitution, and supervised release after their release from prison.


The grand jury alleges that the defendants bought hacked social media accounts and used the accounts to pose as young women to lure teenage and young adult males into sexual chats.


One of the accounts used was an Instagram account bearing the username “dani.robertts”, which communicated with Jordan DeMay shortly before his death. After initiating chat conversations with the victims, the defendants simultaneously used Google and other online applications to research information about the victims, including where the victims lived, where they went to school or worked, and who their family and friends were.


The extradition of the third defendant, Ezekial Ejehem Robert, is still pending.



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