Indigenes of ile-Ife in Osun state have again taken a bold step towards ensuring a peaceful coexistence between them and modakeke people.

The Ife people, this time around are calling for the deployment of alternative dispute resolution mechanism and strict adherence of the two communities to the findings of several peace commissions instituted by the government to put an end to the Ife-Modakeke war.

The people of Ile-Ife made their position public in a twelve page address read to Journalists by the President of the Great Ife Movement, GIM, Comrade Olufemi Oyeyinka at the Oba Okunade Sijuade Memorial Hall, Enuwa Quarters Ile-Ife.

They stressed the need for the quick intervention of both the federal and state government to ensure the continued maintenance of peaceful coexistence between them and the Modakeke people.

In the address, the Ife people pointed out that all the issues complained of at the press conference held last year, in their memorandum and petition to the Osun State Boundary Commission have continued unabated, despite the invitation by the Commission led by Retired Justice Adekunle Adeigbe.

Parts of the complaints include “unlawful occupation and seizure of farmlands belonging to Ife by the Modakeke. Forcefully sending Ife farm owners away from their ancestral farmlands. Refusal of Modakeke to pay their tenancy agreements and statutory tributes known as ishakole to their Ife landlords till date. Sending away of Ooni crowned Obas, Baales and Chiefs from their domain, after burning and destroying their palaces, especially in Ife North Local Government”.

The Ife people also complained of “Usurpation of Oonis power and Authority on Chieftaincy matters in Ife land by unlawfully appointing their own Baales, especially in Ife North where the Ooni has already installed Obas and Baales” and the use of the Mass media to convey sectional and provocative messages.

Others include the “blotting out if the word ‘Ile-Ife’ on signposts within Ife Metropolitan City with absolute impunity on daily bases” as done on the signpost of Urban Day Grammar School Ile-Ife located at Mayfair Area of the city.

According to Comrade Olufemi Oyeyinka, the Ife people suspected a conspiracy between the Modakeke people and the Electricity distribution company servicing the area as the bills for some areas within the jurisdiction of Ile-Ife now carry names of Modakeke, including places like Oba Okunade Sijuade Estate on Ondo Road, Lagere and Arubidi.

He maintained that the people of Ile-Ife were peace loving and would continue to live in peace with their Modakeke neighbour, but such must be on the basis of Justice,Equity and fair play.

The people of Modakeke however reacted to all the issue raised, saying that they remain committed to peaceful coexistence with Ile-Ife and would not in anyway infringe on their rights.

President of Modakeke Progressive Union, Professor Peter Olawuni denied all the allegations raised by the Ifes.

Professor Olawuni explained that Modakeke has not renamed anywhere belonging to Ile-Ife, adding that there should not be a misinterpretation between locational address and postal address.

Professor Olawuni said, “Ifes were the ones driving our people from their farms. We have 256 farms where the Ifes have driven away our people”.

He said steps had been taken between the two communities to make peace ,as representatives of both parties has already agreed where and when to meet, hence raising allegations through a press conference is unexpected.

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