The people of Odigbo community in Ondo State have cried out over an alleged plan by the wife of the state governor, Mrs Betty Anyawu-Akeredolu to impose a non indegene as the chairman of the local government area.

The community in a petition written to security agencies and signed by its leader,Chief Lanre Moyero and the youth leader, Dayo Ikueduranni stated that the action by Mrs Anyawu-Akeredolu was already threatening the peace of the area.

They therefore called on the wife of the governor to rescind the decision to prevent any breakdown of law and order in Odigbo local government area.






The present Odigbo Local govt area is made up of 3 Odigbo kingdom towns namely Odigbo,Ore and Agbabu.
The Odigbos are commonly referred to as well cultured, civilised educated,peace- loving and blessed with great intellectual sagacity.

It is indeed in the spirit of the above that we have overtime allowed our friends, sisters and brothers from other towns and states to be considered in all things be it political positions,social,economics activities or issue we do together without any rancour.


The action of the wife of the executive governor of Ondo State has necessitated this our petition where we call on you to as a matter of urgency call on her not to set Odigbo local government on fire.

We, therefore say that we the undersigned, acting on behalf of the good people of Odigbo local government (men women, youths) and indeed Odigbo kingdom, our numerous supporters, wish to register our displeasure over the shameful purported imposition of the sister of the wife of the governor of Ondo state Mrs Eucheria NWAMARA on the people of Odigbo local government area by her sister, Her Excellency Mrs Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu Betty using her office as the first lady, to the detriment of all of us.

It is a known fact that Odigbo Local government area has always been a peace loving local government as his people are of the sound believe that peace is am ingridient for any nation that is desirious of the top.

The people of Odigbo local government has always contributed immensely to the development of our dear Ondo State, the Sunshine State.

The wife of the governor of Ondo State should understand that under the great constitution of the country, the wife of the governor has no business in determines who represent the local govt area or state be it in the capacity of a caretaker or substantive positions. We are not oblivious that though some governor’s wives in other states have done so well in their charity work and other spheres of life that they are internationally acclaimed, while some, like in the case of Philippines first lady turned themselves into Jezebels of modern times.

It is on record that over the years, the wife of the governor of Ondo State has always been working against the collective interests of Odigbo local govt with impunity, she started disrupting the peace of the local government when she singlehandedly in the year 2016 imposed the same sister of hers Mrs NWAMARA (Ada Amuzu) on the good people of Ore ward as a supervisory councillor when the party unanimously chose one Mr Ogundare Waheed during the tenure of the then L.G Chairman, Mr George Adenikinju, it was on record that shortly after NWAMARA completed the supervisory councillorship role, the wife of the governor again imposed her on the people of Ore ward even when the party insisted that she should be replaced because of her non performance and arrogance when she goes about intimidating and harassing people citing her connection with Mrs Betty Akeredolu. In 2018 when Mr Rafael Adeola became the Chairman and there was need to dropped all wards supervisors,the party again conducted election in the party Secretariat and One Mr Adewunmi Femi emerged but the first lady insisted it must be her sister NWAMARA.

It will be recalled that In the year 2020, when the local government election was to be held and primaries were conducted, several people in Ore ward contested for Primary the election that was supervised by ODIEC, Police, DSS etc, the party member again voted massively for Mr Waheed Ogundare that had 421 votes as against Mrs NWAMARA that had 4 votes (pls, we call on you to find out this) but the he same NWAMARA was imposed on the party on the order of Mrs Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu over and above all other contestants as the candidate of the party.

To make matters worse, the same wife of Mr Governor has again been disturbing the peace of the local government of Odigbo by threatning the patience of the good people and beating the drum of war by going about now to impose the same Mrs NWAMARA who is the least qualified among all those interested in the position of representing the local government area as her years in the saddle registered the worst representation because her impact was felt negatively by the people where she dangled into things that doesn’t concerns her.

1.The question we will like to ask the wife of the governor is why did she hate the people of Odigbo local government with impunity?

2. Is Odigbo local government the only local council in Ondo state that has Ibo tribe as inhabitants?

3. Is Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu the only first lady that Ondo state will have?

During the last local govt election, it was the same ARABINRIN that imposed the current Chairman of Odigbo local govt on this same local government area citing her reason as gender balancing as if it is Odigbo local government only that should be used to balance gender descripancies.

We want to write to you to let you know that the wife of the governor is beating the drum of war in this peaceful local government and as a matter of fact, we will not fold our arms and allow this woman to create a tribal war in the local government.

The wife of the governor is threatening to fight all Odigbo sons and daughters who approached her to rescind this decision of imposing her sister Eucharia Nwamara the Ada Amuzu Nwenkwu referring to the indigenes as “Lasun Lasun”, she has also instructed the state party Chairman, Mr Ade Adetimehin to make sure NWAMARA is announced as the caretaker Chairman of Odigbo local Govt over and above all other party members aspiring for this position of the caretaker and this action of Mrs Akeredolu has thrown the entire Odigbo local government area into a serious disarray as Hausas, Igbira, Urhobo, and others are also saying it is their turn to be the Chairman of Odigbo local government if the wife of the governor goes ahead to make this her threat real.

From the information at our disposal, Mrs Betty Anyaneu-Akeredolu had threatened about six Outstanding Odigbo indigenes telling them she is ready to fight them using the phrase” bring them, the fight is on” as if she is the elected governor of the state or if such a statement must come out from the mouth of someone who is supposed to be a mother of Ondo State.

We know that in a good and a sane clime, nation or society, the people should be allow to pick who represent them and not the wife of a governor doing so everytime in Ondo state and we keep asking these questions everytime this woman rear her ugly head in our local government.

1. Is it the function of the wife of the governor to chose for the people of a place or a political party?

2. Is Mrs Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu the governor of the state that was elected for 4 years.

3.Does the governor give his wife the power to choose on his behalf?

4. Does the Constitution approve such power because the official status of the office of the wife of Governor or President in Nigeria has been a subject of controversy over the years and Observers posit that none of the country’s constitutions since independence in 1960 has created or recognised the office of the First Lady as a formal governmental institution.

We therefore call on you to please call Mrs Akeredolu to order and warn her to stop her persistent imposition in Odigbo local govt area as we have resolved to take out destinies into our hand by not allowing Mrs Betty Akeredolu to spoil Odigbo local govt and Ondo State for us as we don’t want what happened in Lagos State where a particular tribe was fighting another tribe as we have no other place we can call our own except Odigbo local government.

You will recalled that the same Mrs Betty Akeredolu fought tooth and nail against imposition in her home state of Imo during her own failed senatorial bid where she accused Governor Hope Uzodimma of imposition and threatened to sue her party if the other contestants were not given free hands and a say goes thus “He who comes with equity must come with a clean hand”.

It is truism that the governor of the state has the right to pick caretaker and not the wife of the governor and as it stand today, the wife of the governor, Mrs Betty Akeredolu is not the acting Governor but His Excellency Mr Lucky Ayedatiwa is the acting Governor of the state, so we wonder why it is the governor’s wife picking caretakers chairmen in Ondo State with particular emphasis on Odigbo where she has already picked her sister but waiting for the expiration of the present chairmen of local govt which ends this week before announcing her.

It is also a fact that for one to be pick or appointed to lead the people, such person must be a person of impeccable characters,one that will be to the greater good of all and not cause uproars or crisis and which can not be said of Mrs Eucheria NWAMARA who has the following dents:

1. Nwamara till date has allocated over 30 lock up stores to herself in Ore main market, thereby usurping the function of the state ministry of commerce.

2. Mrs Nwamara’s husband was banished from Ore by the community leaders and King because he was allegedly involved in robbery (you may find this out yourself too).

3. Mrs Eucharia Nwamara using her influence as the sister of Mrs Akeredolu and as a councillor is the brain behind the non having of a traditional ruler in Ore till date by instigating one of the families laying claim to the stool to be parading themselves as Olore in person of One Sawoju Monday.

4. Mrs Eucharia Nwamara has been going about the local government that her sister Mrs Betty will soon install Eze Ndigbo in Ore that will also be crown Olore as Odigbo Local Govt is a no man’s land an action that will destroy the peace of Odigbo local government area for years if allowed.


Our Prayers to the state government and your office are:

1. The people of Odigbo local government say no to imposition of the sister of Mrs Akeredolu.

2. Mrs Betty should rather make her sister, Nwamara the caretaker Chairman of Owo Local goverment and not Odigbo local government area.

3.The good people of Odigbo will not fold their hands and therefore allows Mrs Akeredolu to destroy Odigbo local government.

4. Mrs Akeredolu should allow the governor of Ondo State and critical stakeholders of Odigbo local government pick their leader, President Tinubu did same else he would have picked Asari Dokubo, MC Oluomo, Sola Thunder, Faredat as ministers.

Sir, we are intimating you that we condemn in totality the interference by the first lady in the choosing of Mrs Eucheria Nwamara ( Ada Amuzu) and say that this interference and imposition in this context is irresponsible, over ambitious, wicked, oppressive and intimidation and we shall resist this attempt to destroy our local govt for us by the first lady.
The first lady as a mother we expected her to be should consider herself as the mother of Ondo State and not an poster, empress, or demigod that will create problem for us.

We appreciate greatly all the good leaders in the local government and the state that are playing commendable roles to ensure peace prevails.

God bless Odigbo local government area
Long live Ondo State
Long live Nigeria

Chief Lanre Moyero
Community Leader

Dayo Ikueduranni
Youth Leader

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