One of the leading candidates for Ondo state Sports writers chairmanship election, Isaac Afolabi of Radio Nigeria, Akure has pulled out of the election.

Recall that Ondo SWAN has been postponed twice.

His withdrawal is hinged on the fact that key players are not following the tenets of Democratic process.

His withdrawal letter as sent to the national body of SWAN reads thus;


I bring you warm sporting greetings from Ondo State.

I humbly write to clarify and make public some very important facts on Ondo State SWAN election for record purpose.

It was the late Nelson Mandela who said and I quote

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” ,

It is on this note that I write to say that what happened in Ondo state was a sincere move to correct norms, unprofessional conducts, “cutting corners” and to do the simple things for our beloved associations by extension to our environment as the “watchdog” of the society that we are.

I have no doubt that individuals or groups have their own sides of the story or reservation which is normal but my aim was for us as an association to do the following;

1. Follow the statue/constitution of SWAN.

2.Have a CONTEST, free, fair and credible electioneering process for all.

3. Involve members in the state without discrimination.

4. Unify the association and point out errors, cutting corners or what some tagged smartness and be straightforward.

Permit me to say that there is a clear difference between DESPERATION, ASPIRATION and leadership positions comes with selfless services in every ideal society which I believe it’s not bad for anyone to aspire irrespective of the sex, age, chapel or group as long as the individual is qualified.

I’m also of the school of thought that power comes only from God and I repeatedly informed all past and present SWAN president not to leave out my bosses at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria FRCN using Mr Olawale Koretimi as point of contact, other interested senior colleagues in the state that I respect their intervention and advise that there are two things I hold on to firmly and can’t let go especially when it comes to issues like this.

1. My faith
2. My soul

Outside these nothing else.

To all SWAN members(Progressives) in Ondo state who share in my ideology I urge us all to please put aside our differences, hold unto our goals in life, upgrade ourselves, re-ignite relationships we have built over the years and support the association.

To members of SWAN generally in Ondo state, I want us to shun any negative thoughts, forgive and overlook all that has transpired for a while and move ahead for the sake of our dear Ondo state.

Clearly, our points and voice (Progressives) have been heard all over, history beckons and will never forget us, lessons have also been learnt.

Like Paul said “I have fought a good fight” so therefore I, Isaac Afolabi can boldly say that I have also played my little role.

Mahatma Gandhi said Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”.

On a final note, my maximum respect for the association and LEADERS is intact.

I have personally reached out to Segun Giwa and wished him well.

Let the resolution of the national secretariat headed by the President Mr Benjamin Isaiah on Ondo SWAN prevail.

God bless Ondo SWAN
God bless SWAN
God bless Nigeria.


Isaac Afolabi

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