President Bola Tinubu has reaffirmed his support for a robust public-private sector partnership to grow the economy.

Granting audience to members of the Board and Management of the Nigeria Economic Support Group, NESG, the President said his administration’s sustained, bold and co-ordinated reforms were anchored on a strong adherence to accountability and transparency.

He reiterated his resolve to fully implement the eight priority reform areas under the Renewed Hope Agenda within the next three years.

The President called for the urgent exploitation of Nigeria’s diversity for collective gain, with an eye on new think-tanks in the agriculture sector and the establishment of a commodity exchange.

President stressed that he was elected on a no-excuses platform for renewed hope, adding that he will not accept excuses from anyone in his government as they set out to deliver on his agenda.

While commending the NESG for believing in the reforms of his administration, the President said the bitter pill must be administered to an ailing nation and economy to build a better future for the country.


The Chairman of NESG, Mr. Olaniyi Yusuf, had welcomed the economic reforms announced by the Tinubu Administration, specifically with respect to fuel subsidy removal, foreign exchange rate harmonisation, food security, and palliatives to State Governments.

The NESG Chairman pledged that they would work with the newly-inaugurated cabinet to achieve the eight-point agenda of the administration.


He requested the President to declare open the NESG Summit in October, as well as to direct Heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs, to partner with them and participate fully at the Summit as part of efforts to ramp up local and foreign direct investment in Nigeria.



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