.Oba Ojomo Oluda calls for caution…

…..emphasized on development of Owo as an entity…….




The above subject matter refers.

The attention of Ojomo-in-Council has been drawn to a publication spread by OWO PEOPLE’S CONCERNED GROUP, a faceless organization, quoting the contents of the notes written by Oba Kofoworola Olatunbosun Oladoyinbo Ojomo MNSE OON mni JP, the Olijebu of Ijebu kingdom out of context.

The letter was written by Ojomo Oluda to convey the message of the entire Chiefs in IJEBU KINGDOM to eschew violence which may be occasioned in the forthcoming Igogo festival.

The denotation and connotation of the letter are to avoid imbroglio and other associated issues as being insinuated by some miscreants and unguided characters who might be using the festive period to perpetrate mayhem especially where there are unresolved issues seeking for lasting solutions between the two Kingdom. Once beaten, twice shy.

The letter

Where were the OWO PEOPLE’S CONCERNED GROUP in 2021 during Igogo festival when Kabiyesi Olowo came to Ijebu, getting to the gate of Ojomo Oluda palace and turned back when all Chiefs, including sons and daughters of Ijebu kingdom were waiting to receive him?

Having successfully played to the gallery, any need for 2023 Igogo festival visitation?

The myopic organization, OWO PEOPLE’S CONCERNED GROUP should answer the rhetoric puzzle.

Growth and development in Owo kingdom is sacrosanct, not negotiable, many people attributed kabiyesi Ojomo Oluda’s letter to the recent elevation to a first class Oba, was Ojomo Oluda a puppet to Olowo before the elevation? According to biblical injunction, can two people relate/live together except they agree?.

A planned festival without any input from Ijebu nor their involvement or knowledge. There are conditions to be presented & met before Igogo festival between the two Kingdom can exist. You cannot expect growth and development in the area of Agriculture, Technology, Economy, Politics, Education, Commerce and expect Chieftaincy and tradition to remain static. No, it grows together.

Take it or leave it, Owo is a large city beyond what anybody can quell. We must meet up with traditional standard of the likes of Egba and other kingdoms who witnessed accelerated development as a result of decentralization.

It is no longer news that Owo kingdom is made up of nine communities and history had it that Emure-Ile, Iyere, Idashen, Ipele and Ijebu participated in the making of Igogo festival, then why the fallout of all the kingdoms mentioned? Why is pulling out of Ijebu causing sleepness night?

Government of the day and several NGO have never failed in giving funds for the celebration of Igogo festival which penny never got to Ijebu rather kabiyesi Ojomo Oluda would put his resources together to mobilize his Chiefs for the celebration and entertain all guests from his pension.

According to the contents of the note of kabiyesi Ojomo Oluda, year 2023 Igogo festival is gone but with involvement of relevant stakeholders from both community to right all wrongs, his Council of Chiefs would prevail on celebration of subsequent festivals in a colourful tone more than expectation.

Of recent, worthy of note, Akoko besieged Akure, the capital of Ondo state, begging for additional LCDA when this present administration added five to their existing four making nine already yet pleading for more, recall that history had it that they were under Owo in the past.

We won’t be surprised when they hijack state capital from Owo when eventually new States are created as Akoko cherishes growth and development to paramountcy or supremacy or sovereignty.

We should be deeply grateful to His Excellency, Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin OLUWAROTIMI ODUNAYO AKEREDOLU, SAN, CON for this lofty promotions of Owo kingdom to a safe and better haven especially creation of good roads and channelisation, creation of LCDAs, elevation of Obas. Appreciating him would compel him to do more than we expected.

In summary, Ojomo in Council would never be in support of violence or mayhem as being misinterpreted by mischief makers, we are opened for settlements and arbitrations, we are ready to cooperate with government of the day to realize her corporate objectives while imploring the OWO PEOPLE’S CONCERNED GROUP to deploy their intellectuals to the growth and development of Owo in entirety than drumming for war.

Better days ahead.

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