Following the 30th August 2023 dissolution of the Local Government executive chairmen and councillors across the 18 Local Government Areas of the state and the subsequent directive of the Acting Governor to the estwhile chairmen to hand-over the adminstration of their respective local govt to Head of Local Government Adminstration (HOLGA) of the respective Local Government Areas.

The Ondo state House of Assembly today, at the parliamentary meeting of the members of the house, received a brief of an unsubstantial compliance with the Executive directive of the state government by the ex chairmen whose tenure of office had already elapsed. A situation that has created an undue, needless and unecessary vacuum across the 18 Local Government Areas.

The Ondo state House of Assembly therefore resolved as follows;
1. That the estwhile Local Government Chairmen, should forthwith Handover fully, to the Head of Local Government Adminstration (HOLGA) of their respective Local Government Areas, without any further delay.

2. That any further delay in compliance with this state government’s directive by the ex chairmen, will be taken as a deliberate attempt to undermine the authority of the state Government in particular and this shall be viewed as an abberation to the constitution and a gross insubordination to the authority of the government, which the state House of Assembly will treat as a grave infraction in all ramifications.

3. The state Assembly urge the concern individual(s) to do the needful without further delay.

Thank you.

Hon.Olatunji Oshati Emmanuel
Chairman House committee on information.

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