….calls for State government intervention and more cautions in Festival celebrations……. 

Some Chiefs and Elders have averted what should have led to a communal clash in the Muslim Eid praying ground located at the community as the celebration of Igogo festival continues in Owo.


Reports indicate that some participants in the Igogo festival popularly called “Ayoyo” were said to have staged a traditional check point at the front of the Muslim Eid ground in Ijebu-Owo.


The Men of the “Ayoyo were said to be collecting money and farm produce from passers-by and motorists.


According to one of the Senior Omo-Ojomo, Chief Tunde Ojomobori, the men of the “Ayoyo” were alleged to be extorting the people and harassing passers-by with caps on their heads by using cane to remove the caps.


Chief Ojomobori said the youths from Ijebu-Owo approached the igogo festival participants asking them to vacate the spot which they claimed contradict the decision of Ijebu kingdom not to partake in the festival.


The move was said to have been met with reprisal from the men of the “Ayoyo” who were said to have mobilized some youths and and with back up from men of Amotekun on the alleged instruction of their state commandant to the spot.


“Men of Amotekun, acting on instructions deliberately came to molest our people and attempted to cage us”,  Chief Ojomobori said


The intervention of the Elders and Chiefs however doused the tension of what could have escalated.


The Representative of the town, however said Ijebu Community will not engage in any act capable of creating unwarranted tension in Owo local government Area.


They called Ondo State Government to intervene on the brewing issue in the interest of peaceful coexistence.


Report indicates that the Elders and Chiefs quickly approached the Police Area Command Office to report the situations.


Owo Police Area Commander, ACP Olufemi Awoyale in a telephone conversation said he had appeal to parties involved for calm as the issue would be reported to appropriate authorities for further action.


ACP Awoyale said the Area Command had taken both parties to the AIG Office in Akure and had made them sign undertaken to forestall any break down of law and order in Owo local government Area.



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