An Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court has sentenced a 41-year-old vulcaniser, Wasiu Ibrahim, to life imprisonment for defiling his wife’s 15-year-old niece in Lagos State.

Justice Rahman Oshodi held that the prosecution sufficiently proved the charge of defilement against Ibrahim.

Oshodi held that the convict  tried to deny a statement he made, in which he confessed to have defiled the survivor (name withheld)

He said, “Mr Wasiu Ibrahim, for sexual gratification, you violated the survivor after your wife returned home from a burial.

“She had lived with you since she was 10, and called you daddy; yet, it did not deter you.

“You threatened to beat her up if she would tell  anyone, after having sexual intercourse with her.

She did not inform anyone until days later, after she was found crying at the back of a classroom at the Estate Primary School, Ogba.

The judge said Ibrahim should be ashamed and punished, noting that the state had zero tolerance for sexual crimes.

“The charge of defilement for which you have been found guilty carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.

“I hereby sentence you to life imprisonment, and your name will be in  the Sexual Offences Register as maintained by Lagos State.”

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