The Kano State hisbah board says, over 4, 000 prospective couples have registered, for the up coming mass wedding slated for october 2023.

The hisbah deputy Commander general in charge of operations, Dr Mujahid Aminuddeen Abubakar, made the disclosure to Radio Nigeria in Kano.

According to him, the state government intended to marry off 1,800 in the first batch, but over 4,000 trooped to the board to get registered.

The deputy commander general pointed out that, the board had succeeded in selecting 1,800 couples, who are scheduled for medical screening, as part of the requirements for the mass wedding.

He stressed that, the selected couples would be subjected to HIV/AIDS, genotype and drug tests before they would finally be drafted for the sponsored mass wedding scheduled for next month.

Malam Mujahid however stressed that, the large turn oit of intending couples, may not be unconnected to the recent economic situation experienced by the nation.

” many people want to participate in the mass wedding especially girls and women whose parents want to marry them off but are unable to afford the cost of preparing the wedding process”

He advised the beneficiaries of the scheme to live in harmony, saying that, those who divorce their spouses on flimsy excuses, would be made to pay back what the government expends on their wedding.

Recall that, KNSG under the leadership of Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf has earmarked over N800 million for the mass wedding to procure furniture, food items, clothing materials, dowry, and capital for 1,800 intending couples.


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