On Saturday, November 11th, and starting by 11 a.m., the indigenes of Ikaram-Akoko in Akoko Northwest of Ondo State held the annual prayer.


Every eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year has been set aside by sons and daughters of Ikaram Akoko in Ondo state as the *annual Ikaram prayer day* in the ancient town.


The people of Ikaram, both home and abroad use the day to invoke heaven for their sons and daughters, seek the face of God for divine protection, unity, breakthrough and progress wherever they are across the globe. The day somehow coincided with the anniversary of the day the peace treaty was signed to end the First World War in 1917


They also spend the day thanking God for His faithfulness, glad tidings, and prosperity of their children.


This prayer exercise is totally different from the other annual celebrations of culture, tradition, or festivals. It’s a unique and peculiar event that has nothing to do with individual faith. It’s a spiritual exercise meant for cleansing.


The Indigenes held the annual prayer on Saturday, 11th of November, 2023.


Speaking on the phone with the President of the Ikaram Progressive Union worldwide, Chief Dr Adeyemi Odomode LaCrown, who coordinated the program, he said the interdenominational prayer was for spiritual cleansing, total freedom from ancient gates, peace and development of the town of ikaram


Chief Dr Odomode LaCrown explained that while the Muslims were meant to have their special Salat al-jama’ah prayer at the Ikaram Central Mosque, the christians under the aegies of Christian Association of Nigeria converged at the popular ikaram town hall for the prayers.


About 20 men and women of God of various houses of faith, with their congregations, observed this year’s gathering of the warriors in the land. High school students from the two public schools in the town were also part of this year’s prayer day, as they symbolized the glory and the future of the town.


The IPU National President, Chief Dr Odomode Adeyemi LaCrown, asserted that the resolution to establish this Ikaram Day of prayer was engineered by Ikaram Progressive Union when he came into the office two years ago. However, for the very first time, the association invited a Special Guest from Akure, Prophet AdufeniJesu Olukayode of Christ Apostolic Church, Akure to anchor the program in conjunction with the local chapter of Christian Association of Nigeria in the town.


The president submitted that “the program is progressively getting better every year. We can also attest to greater and more positive things that are happening in the town by the special grace of God who is on our side. Our sons and daughters across the globe are the great testimonies of the wonders of God in the life of the sons and daughters of Ikaram. ”


The National Treasurer of IPU, Mr Yekini Ajigbon who also spoke on this year’s prayer programme expressed joy that the fallout of the spiritual cleasing was already becoming evident as the town now witnessed peace like never before.


On his part, IPU Assistant National Secretary, Comrade Wale Imoru described the 2023 edition of the annual prayer session as outstanding going by the participation of all strata of the town including students of secondary schools, noting that the 2024 edition would record more success.


Chief Odomode Adeyemi LaCrown shared his heartfelt passion with everyone, who keyed into the spiritual exercise and prayed that the land will yield its good, and wherever the sons and daughters of Ikaram are on the surface of the globe, won a ri t’aje se o. Alaafia Olorun a maa ba won gbe o Aseyi se omiran o. Koshumenesha! Ekirom be shen o

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