According to statistics, no fewer than 79 persons committed suicide in Nigeria last year and the number has increased this year with men having the highest.

As the world commemorates world men’s day, staff reporter Isaac Afolabi in Akure the Ondo state capital examines causes, effect and how this trend can be tackled.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death globally with much number of men higher than the women.

In the past two years, Nigeria has witnessed a disturbing trend of suicides among both gender,students which some said were caused by factors such as depression, rejection,failed marriages, disappoinment among others.


Sadly the popular third mailand bridge in Lekki-Ikoyi Lagos state has since become a place where many people go to ,to take their lives by jumping into the lagoon .

Reacting ,Dr Akinwunmi Akinnuoye , a consultant psychiatrist said some of the factors responsible for suicide among men could be traced to the present economic situation of the country.

Apart from this ,Dr Akinnuoye said people with serious mental health disorders were also at risk of dying by suicide especially when they were not monitored.

An Akure based commentator, Mr Bidemi Ibrahim said there was need for government to address the economic challenges facing the country,educate people on the need to seek help for mental illness to reduce suicide cases.

Another Akure resident, Mr Fisayo Akinduro wanted government to give out palliatives to Nigerians saying a quick intervention was needed to calm the situation for Nigerian men.

He further appealed for the creation of an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, especially the SMEs , loans and active department to counsel students.

A social worker, Mr Davidson Ayodele wanted family and friends to always check on their loved ones and advised people to call for help when needed so as not to fall into depression stressing that suicide was never a good option.

The theme for International Men’s Day 2023 is “Zero Male Suicide”, which focuses on helping men and boys to manage their mental health.


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