Yoruba Nollywood actress, Bisola Badmus, has revealed that she is battling with encephalopathy, a brain disease.

She disclosed this in a post on her official Instagram handle (@officialbisolabadmus) on Tuesday.

Encephalopathy means damage or disease that affects the brain. It happens when there’s been a change in the way your brain works or a change in your body that affects your brain. Those changes lead to an altered mental state, leaving you confused and not acting like you usually do, Webmd defines.

Badmus disclosed she has been battling with the illness for over a year.

For “over a year now I have been battling with health issues (Encephalopathy). I cannot even wish my enemy such illness. It was a tough one indeed that made me stay away from social media,” part of the post read.

She also disclosed the death of her mother during the trying time.

Badmus added, “In between, I lost my precious mother. Unquestionable God, I thank you for everything, particularly for me to witness yet another birthday.”

She, however, appreciates family members, friends, colleagues in the industry, and loved ones for standing by her.

“I will be an ungrateful soul if I fail to appreciate my family and friends, colleagues in the industry, business associates, and the brands I represent for standing by me during the challenging period. My colleagues in the movie industry and business associates, the brands I represent, thank you all once,” the post further read.

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